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Petite Belle Rose

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Geode inspired Base

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Single Long Lasting Rose

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long lasting roses

The longest blooming roses ever existed

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* Single Long Lasting Rose

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"Highly recommended reed diffuser with scent of your personal choice. I put it in my room and you can put it anywhere inside your house to give your place a good smell everywhere all the time. Two reed sticks are enough to give smell in a small room. The more sticks you use, the stronger the scent." -Helen Mac, Facebook

"@Sumptuousbouquet . I've had this rose since September, 2019 and its still beautiful. Cathy you rock." -Carolyn Toomer, Facebook

"I've had mine for almost 4 months and it looks just like it did when I received it!" -designergirl91 , Instagram

"I just recieved my navy blue rose today and its so beautiful! This would make a great gift for any occasion. I will definitely be purchasing some for friends and family." -LeNesha Roberts  recommends Sumptuous Bouquet.

"Customer service was very responsive and great with all of my questions and setting up my order. Would definitely recommend to others and use again in the future." -jeremy ilejay , Google

"Follow/Like Sumptuous Bouquet, they do so many beautiful arrangements for an affordable price! Here is a long lasting rose I purchased!
Sigan/Pongan like a está página! Hacen adornos de flores muy lindas y a precios racionables Aquí les tengo una rosa que dura 2 años sin que se marchite y compré :)"  -Carolina Rubalcava, Facebook

"They are totally awesome they go all the way out to make sure everything is perfect that you are happy an satisfied. I am totally impressed. I would definitely recommend them and I will used them again in the future. a special shout out thank you Kathy. you made it awesome. Lane" -Lane Buerk , Facebook

"Hit up @sumptuousbouquet for you very own bouquet of beautiful roses like these!!! Thanks Cathy, everyone loved them! :D" -caroleenalove___, Instagram

"I love mine!" -ariesque, Instagram

Unboxing Single Long Lasting Rose