Hi to all of our sumptuous customers and to our future as well as our potential customers. 
This page is dedicated for all comments, suggestions and reviews from everyone who has been part of us. We encourage you to add your inputs on the comment section below. It will help every onlookers, future and potential customers to feel at ease about our products or services without them having a guess. You can also attach a link of your Sumptuous Bouquet product/s if you happened to post them on any of your public social media accounts.
We appreciate every inputs and promise to read all of them in the intentions of building positive relationship with our customers/clients by addressing all the possible concern/s.
This will also tremendously help us to continuesly grow and do better.
If you want to message us privately, please email us at INFO@SUMPTUOUSBOUQUET.COM
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  • Joaquin Trejo

    They go above and beyond. I ordered a custom name flower display from them for a birthday party. And they did it in spectacular way. Very nice people and very professional and they are responsive. Highly recommend 100 out of 10. ♡

  • Rev Carolyn Y Toomer

    This is the best gift for anyone. I’ve had my rose since September 1, 2019 and 18 months later…perfect. The custom service is exceptional. I love shopping at I’ve also purchased many personalized journals for my congregation and they love them. Thanks for being a great company …and friend !!!!

  • Carolina Rubalcava

    I bought 2 long lasting roses maybe like 2-3 years ago? A dark red and a vibrant pink, they both continue to be in such great condition! The red one is still sparkly and beautiful, the pink one is still very vibrant as well! I’ve also purchased a red rose bear as a gift for my mom and she absolutely LOVED it, very affordable prices always! Sumptuous owners are the sweetest and really put their hearts in every product they make and ship out to you!☺️✨❤️

  • LeNesha

    I received a long lasting rose almost 2 years ago from Sumptuous Bouquet and the rose still looks fresh and health! I definitely recommend buying these as a gift for your loved one.

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