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Rose's Care Instructions

Long Lasting Rose
100% Real rose preserved to last upto 3 years.
It pretty much requires little to no maintenance.


• Handle with care.
• DO NOT water the rose. The rose is fully preserved therefore no need to water it.
• Avoid a very high humidity environment. Keep the humidity between 55-60%.
• Keep in room temperature 64-72F
• Avoid direct sunlight.
• Avoid placing them in the bathroom, kitchen, vents or next to windows and doors. These areas are prone to high humidity and excessive heat.
• Keep inside the case as much a possible.
• Occasionally dust the rose when needed by lightly stroking the petals with very soft brush such as cosmetic brushes.
• Get a glass of wine, light up our Sumptuous Bouquet's Luxury scented candles and then relax. There's really nothing else you need to do for the next year or more. Let our long lasting rose do the job of brightening your day.


What is a Preserved Flower?  


All our preserved products, in this case the preserved roses, go through a process of preservation where the water of cells that make up the natural tissue is replaced with preservant insuch a way that the roses no longer wither or decay. 

Is the preserved flower made from toxic products or can it cause allergies?  
No, the products used to preserve the flowers are harmless and non-allergenic to people, animals and the environment.

How long does the preserved flower last?  

The preserved flower can maintain its physical characteristics for more than a year, however the color will gradually change, becoming clearer with the passage of time. Preserved roses are for interior use only, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, Humidity and extreme temperatures will shorten the lifespan and diminish the appearance of your rose quicker.  

Can the preserved flower stain?

Yes, the preserved flower can stain by contact, that is, if it gains moisture and is in contact with another flower, accessory, fabric, etc. that is next to it can bleed the color on the one of less tonality. It is recommended to take this into account when making designs with preserved flowers.

Do the shades of the roses vary with time?

Yes, for the same course of time and the aforementioned characteristic that the flower gains and loses moisture, the coloration can vary in time and even more in pastel shades that have a minimum concentration of dye in relation to strong tones.

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100% Real rose preserved to last from 6 months up to 3 years without watering if well maintained. Stored in a fine luxurious case and It comes in a variety of colors for you to collect. Forget the wilting, the constant cleaning and changing water. This wont give you that trouble.