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Executive Journal GiftSet
Executive Journal GiftSet
Executive Journal GiftSet

Executive Journal GiftSet

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Executive Leatherette Hardcover Journal

Sumptuous gift collection.
5×7" executive looking synthetic leather hardcover journal with a touch of vintage pages for more luxurious looks. Choose from brown to navy blue

Personalize your hardcover journal by adding a name at the front of hardcover. 

FONT Fountain Pen

Executive looking fountain pen where you can change ink colors or refill inks. 


*Ink cartridge is loose inside the fountain pen.

How to use your Fountain Pen:

Remove the fountain pen cylinder and insert the cartridge with the pen tip up.
With the right side up, push the cartridge until you feel a light thud.
Let it sit for a while for the ink to reach the tip and then try it. If there's an absence of ink, position the pen with the tip down for a while then try it.
Do not pull the cartridge out forcefully. The ink inside may splash out.

How to change ink:
Use gloves to protect your hands from staining. Prepare some napkins for possible spillage. Prepare about an inch or two high cup of water.

Wrap the napkin around the pen and part cartridge revealing the end of the cartridge. Gently pull the cartridge and place it in a safe place to prevent it from spilling. All used cartridges has a hole at one end so be careful not to spill it. Dip the tip of the pen in water and let it sit in there for a while, letting the remaining ink drain into water.
You can run the half part of the pen to a clear water until it's ink free.
Repeat the steps on "How to use" located above this instruction.
Try writing on a scratch paper. You may notice a mixture of color but it will become a solid color after few writings.

For refills, go to

Happy Journaling