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Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose
Single Long Lasting Rose

Single Long Lasting Rose

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PLEASE WRITE NAME IN THE BOX PROVIDED ABOVE. Custom add name to your Long Lasting Rose's box for free. 

Single Low maintenance prime ecuadorian-rose. Placed in a very luxurious case with gold base and wrap on gold glamorous ribbon and It comes in a variety of sumptuous colors for you to collect

100% REAL ROSES LAST FROM 1 TO 3 YEARS if well maintained. Little to no maintenance prime Ecuadorian Roses where it lives to years without watering. Forget the wilting and the constant cleaning and changing water, this won't give you that trouble.

Fragrant (Phthalate-Free)
Non- toxic
Non- carcinogens
No maintenance
100% Real Ecuadorian roses
100% Natural
Last for 1 upto 3 years

Our roses have been processed with non-toxic products. Fragrance used is Phthalate-Free.

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